Two Stage Screw Air Compressor

Two Stage Screw Air Compressor

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 We are considered as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of an excellent range of Two Stage Air Compressor. These compressors are offered to clients in varied specifications and models to meet their needs. It is widely used mining, marine, automotive, power generation and textile industry. This Two Stage Screw Air Compressor is manufactured in compliance with the industry standards using best quality components and materials.


  • Full load protection
  • Robust construction
  • Easy to set- up

Energy Saving Analysis of Two Stage Screw Compressor:

  • Efficient motor using the imported SKF heavy bear.greatly extend the machine's service life.
  • High efficient energy saving air end.Using the Gemany EU brand air end.
  • Cooling system:combined design of oil cooling and gas cooling, reduce weight, maintain simple and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Centrifugal fan:Six motor, low noise, high energy saving, large air volume, cooling effect is good, not easy to plug
  • Energy saving 1:1 soft direct transmission:The speed of the motor and the rotor is always consistent, without any transmission loss,reduced the starting torque , improved the efficiency, prolonged the service life, and saved the electric energy.
  • The first time compressed air go through fuel injection cooling,after Lowered the two stage suction temperature,do the second same pressure compression.
  • Two stage compressor using the same pressure ratio to set the air end space pressure. So each stage compression ratio is less than single stage compression ratio.The amount of the backflow leakage between the rotors is greatly reduced, and the volumetric efficiency and the adiabatic efficiency are greatly improved.
  • Under the same power, the two stage compressor compressed air is more 15% higher than single stage compressor, and can achieve up to 15% energy saving.
The process of Double stage compressed

The air through the air filter into the first stage air end mixed with the inner a spot of lubrication oil compressed air go through the interstage pressure,then entry the cooling channel mixed with a large amount of oil, thus greatly reducing the temperature.The cooled compressed air into the second air end with two times compression, finally getting the exhaust pressure.

Energy Saving Case for Double stage screw air compressor
  • For the single stage of 250KW screw air compressor need to pay for Electricity fees with RMB 200 for one hour when it running at the full load condition.If it runs 8000h in a year then need to pay for the electricity fees with RMB 1.6 million. 
  • Compared with that,using double stage screw air compressor can reduce above 10% power consumption,it's mean double stage compressor can save eletricity fees with RMB 160000.00 in a year for your factory.